Marinating Tips

Marinating takes time and effort but is absolutely worth it!

Marinating Tips

Follow these simple steps to make that flavour bursting marinade your meat deserves!


Score & Prick Meat before Marinating

To help the meat to absorb the marinade, score & prick the meat with a fork or knife deeply. This is particularly important on thicker cuts of meat to allow marinade flavours to absorb right through.

Remove the Marinade before Cooking

To ensure you can sear your meat properly remove the excess marinade from the meat leaving a little bit left on the surface to maintain flavour. This will stop the meat from sweating and prevent flare-ups on the BBQ.

Flavouring & Seasoning

Use lots of fresh herbs, salt & pepper to ensure your meat absorbs all of those beautiful flavours! Be careful not to oversalt your marinade as this can prevent your meat from absorbing flavour, but it is important to season properly!

Flip & Stir Regularly  

Regularly flip & stir your meat in the marinade so the flavours continue to move through the meat and do not settle to the bottom of the dish. You can also use a zip lock back to make this easier if you need to! 

Refrigerate while Marinating - Food Safety

For food safety, it is important to keep raw meat refrigerated when marinating. It does nothing to harm those beautiful flavours!

Don't Recycle Used Marinade - Food Safety

Used marinade is contaminated with raw meat juice and is unsafe. If you want to add some of the marinade to meat after it is cooked then separate some of the marinade into a jug prior to putting the meat into the main marinade portion.


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