Bring Your Own Containers

For food sold over the counters at our stores

Bring Your Own Containers

You can BYO (bring your own) containers for food sold over the counter in our supermarkets nationwide. We know our customers are keen to help reduce single-use plastic, and this is a small way to help.

How does it work?

  1. Simply BYO your own clean, undamaged container to our service counters.
  2. We'll give it a quick spray clean with an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid (we use Ecostore).
  3. We wipe it, spray with fresh water and wipe it again so it's dry.
  4. We then tare and weigh the container before filling and adding the label.

Why do you need to clean my container?

It’s our responsibility under the food safety laws to make sure that packaging for food we sell is clean, so we give them another quick clean to be sure.