How to Clean a Barbecue

Cleaning the BBQ is a job no one likes, but with these tips it's easy!

How to Clean a Barbecue

Follow these easy steps to have your BBQ looking sharp this Summer!

1. Turn Off and Disconnect the Gas

It never hurts to check the condition of your gas connection to ensure it is not cracked or damaged! It is recommended to disconnect your gas bottle from the BBQ after finishing with it. 

2. Cleaning the Fat/Dripping Tray

Remove the tray from the BBQ and try to scrape as much excess fat as you can out of the tray. Fill a sink/bucket with hot soapy water and submerge the tray as best you can into the water. Allow this to sit for a minute and then begin scrubbing to get the remaining fat off. Use gloves when scrubbing so you can make the water as hot as possible as this helps to remove the excess fat. 

3. Cleaning the BBQ Grills 

This is similar to step 2, scrape away the excess fat and then submerge in hot soapy water and get scrubbing! Clean both sides of the grill as sometimes fat can drip through.

4. Washing Interior of BBQ

After cleaning the grills give the interior of BBQ a good clean out with hot soapy water and a soft scouring pad to get all the fat/grime off that has built up. 

5. Protecting the Grill Plates

It is recommended to thoroughly dry your grill plates and then spray them with some cooking oil such as canola to help protect them. Once completed you can put them back into the BBQ.

6. Adding Fat Absorber

Lots of people fail to use a fat absorber in their tray and it is highly recommended! The fat absorber not only makes cleaning easier later but also prevents fat fires from occurring. You can pick this up from your local hardware store if our store doesn't have any available! Do not use cat litter or sand as this creates an unpleasant odour when cooking! You only need to do this every 8-10 BBQs depending on how fatty the food you are cooking is.

7. Cleaning the Exterior of BBQ

To clean the outside you can either use BBQ wipes or warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Give it a good wipe down so it looks sparkly and clean for your guests & family this summer!

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