Aoraki Salmon

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Aoraki Salmon

Our Freshwater King salmon thrive in the fast glacial flows that surround Aoraki, Mt Cook – New Zealand’s highest mountain. This environment creates a fish with a light, clean taste and a delicate texture.

The remote and wild place in which we work challenges us to find new ways, solving problems to enhance the outcome.  From the breeding programmes at our hatcheries, to our farms and our smokehouse, we patiently attend to every stage.  This allows us to provide traceability and ensure full health and welfare throughout.

At our smokehouse, we take our time to bring out the natural flavour of our salmon and not overpower it. Crafting a smoked salmon that is lighter, purer; a taste truly connected to our place.


Our remote environment works for us, and we work with it, to farm fish naturally. This is 100% the New Zealand way and the cornerstone of our aquaculture beliefs.


We work with Nature and farm our salmon the natural way. Doing only what’s right and taking our time to gently manage, humanely.

We are ethically committed to respecting our place, our fish and our waters, whilst ensuring the future sustainability and health of all.


On the farms we have a personal, hands-on approach to ensure the health and quality of our fish.

In the smokehouse, we take our time to craft the smoked flavour and bring out the subtle taste of our unique Freshwater King Salmon.


The result is a smoked salmon with a lighter texture and fresher taste. Not too rich, more flavoursome.

Crafted to perfection without oiliness or solidity to create the perfect smoked experience. Share in our purity of taste.


Our smoking process draws on a traditional Scottish method which blends salt, golden syrup, black rum. We then gently smoke using oak wood chips to enhance, not overwhelm the natural taste and retain the flavour purity.

We operate a hatchery located within the Issac Conservation Area, near Christchurch. The hatchery is spring fed from the Selwyn River flowing deep in the Canterbury alluvial aquifers. Our salmon are then grown in the glacier-fed waters of the hydro-canals in the Mackenzie Country, not far from Twizel.

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