Oakley's Premium Vegetables | From Farm to Plate

Lifting the lid on our local vegetable growers

Oakley's Premium Vegetables | From Farm to Plate

At FreshChoice, we source some of our local vegetables from Oakley's Premium Fresh Vegetables - Read about how the history & how vegetables get from farm to plate.

The Oakley's Story

Oakley’s Premium Vegetables is a long-established family business, growing some of the country’s finest produce for more than five generations in Canterbury.

They are Farm Environment and Outstanding Food Producer Award-winning growers who have a passion for breaking new ground. This is highlighted by their journey of continuous improvement, which includes enhancing their sustainable farming practices and the quality of their produce.

This time of year, the Oakley’s team is focused on producing good value, nutritious, broccoli - a winter favourite for Kiwi’s throughout the country.

Photo: Founder and Managing Director, Robin Oakley.