Get the Most Out of Your Meat Cuts

Get the Most Out of Your Meat Cuts

We've collated our favorite meat cuts & how to best prep, cook & serve them!


In the cooler months the humble slow cooker is a great way to get the best out of your meat. From Beef Ragu to a classic Casserole, try one of our mouthwatering recipes and check out the below guide for how to get the best out of your slow cooked meat.

Lamb Leg & Shoulder: The lamb shoulder is a well used muscle, which makes for a cut that is full of flavour. Tenderness takes time with the shoulder, which means it is the perfect cut for stewing and slow cooking. Where possible, cook the meat bone-in, this adds flavour and as a result you should have meat that is tender and falling off the bone. 

Similar to the shoulder, the lamb leg has a strong flavour. A thin layer of fat is generally left on top of the leg to keep it moist and juicy during cooking. Lamb leg is often roasted but can also thrive in a slow cooker. Try this Slow-Cooked Lamb Leg recipe.

Chuck steak: The chuck is cut from the neck and shoulder, and contains connective tissue and fat that will melt down during long slow cooks giving your dish a rich meaty flavour. Dice, brown in a hot pan and add to the slow cooker with your meal of choice. We love this in Beef Ragu, try the recipe today

Blade Steak: The blade cut comes from a heavily exercised muscle in the shoulder. It has a line of connective tissue down the middle, creating a tough steak. For a tender result add the whole or diced steak to a slow cooked or braised dish. We love this cut in our Hearty Winter Casserole recipe

Pork Shoulder: The pork shoulder is a flavoursome cut with marbled meat. The shoulder cut is often used for roasting or pulled pork dishes, you can also dice the meat for stews. When using it in a pulled pork recipe you can cook the meat both boneless or bone in until the meat is tender and falling apart. Try it out in our Pulled Pork Burgers recipe.

Lamb Shanks: Lamb shanks are taken from the bottom section of the leg. They can be “French Cut” which is when a small piece of meat is taken from the bone to make the shank look more appealing when cooked. This cut is full of flavour and is often braised or slow cooked until the meat is falling off the bone. Try them in our Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank recipe.