Wattie's Peaches | From Farm To Plate

Lifting the lid on our local growers

Date Published
11 October 2019
Wattie's Peaches | From Farm To Plate

Proudly grown in the sunny Hawke’s Bay by generations of the Burbury family – these passionate growers produce our Wattie's Peaches

Third Generation Peach Growers

Joseph is the third generation of the Burbury family that has proudly supplied fruit to Wattie’s. The family orchard expanded significantly over 2003 and 2004, which now sees them producing about 6% of Wattie’s peaches each season. Joseph is gradually taking over the orchard management from his parents, and should complete his first solo harvest this season. The orchard comprises about 50% of Wattie’s favourite Golden Queen peaches, with the balance a mixture of fresh market peaches, apricots, and cherries and pears.

The Burbury orchard is located in the Tuki Tuki Valley which is known for its hot summers and warmer winters. It’s a great climate which produces very flavoursome fruit such as the delicious Golden Queen peaches canned by Wattie’s.

A Time Lapse of Peaches Blossoming Through the Seasons