Meadow Mushrooms | From Farm to Plate

Lifting the lid on our local mushroom growers

Date Published
11 October 2019
Meadow Mushrooms | From Farm to Plate

At FreshChoice, we source some of our local mushrooms from Meadow Mushrooms - Read about how the history & how mushrooms get from farm to plate.

The Meadow Mushrooms story

Friends Philip Burdon and Roger Giles started a lifetime of mushroom farming in the late 1960's on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus in caves near the village of Yerollakos (Girne). This lasted a little over 6 years until the bitterly fought partition of the island and the destruction of that business resulted in 100% of their attention being focused on Meadow Mushrooms which was already established in Prebbleton, just outside of Christchurch.

NZ owned est.1970

Meadow Mushrooms, a private company founded in NZ in 1970 is today the leading producer of mushrooms in NZ. Now 45 years on, Meadow Mushrooms remains a family business dedicated to putting great tasting mushrooms on Kiwis' plates throughout the year. Our mushrooms are picked fresh daily and carefully packed to arrive in the best condition for our customers to enjoy.

Meadow Mushrooms is totally committed to excellence in the production of mushrooms and is the only grower in New Zealand with full vertical integration from the production of spawn through to the dispatch to market and consumer promotion of this unique and much loved food.