Father’s Day Activities!

Father’s Day Activities!

We’ve got some great ideas that you can do with your Dad this Father's Day! Whether you want to get creative with homemade crafty projects, delight Dad with some delicious treats, or perhaps you're after ways to enjoy some quality memory-making time with Dad, we've rounded up our top ideas for Father's Day to really make it one to remember.

Host a Virtual Game Night

Game nights are perfect for Dads who love challenges and have a cheeky competitive streak. So why not give Dad the chance to earn the title of the puzzle prince? Monopoly master? Or the king of cards? Simply arrange the perfect time with family and friends, and play his favourite game over a video call or in your bubble! 

 Go Backyard Glamping

If you have some outdoor space, skip the campground and plan your own fun outdoor experience for Dad. Pitch a tent or set up some lounge chairs, pile up the pillows and blankets (for the comfy part of "glamour" camping). Grab some marshmallows, wine biscuits and his favourite chocolate for those all essential s’mores! 

 In House Movie Night

If Dad prefers some more cosy Father's Day activities from indoors, then why not host a special family movie afternoon in your very own homemade cinema! Simply pick Dad's all-time favourite film, set up heaps of blankets and pillows in the living room, then close the curtains and dim the lights for a magical movie night in. A few essential movie snacks are a must, and if you want to go the extra mile then you could even create pretend 'cinema tickets' listing the film and start time to hand out to everyone in your bubble beforehand.

 Serve Breakfast In Bed

Dad deserves a hearty breakfast right when he wakes up! Start by planning a delicious breakfast for dad and surprise him with it in bed on the morning of Father’s Day. The breakfast could be accompanied by a card and gift to make it more special.

 Host a Competition

Who in the stay home bubble can really bake the most delicious cookies? Dad will be the judge of that. A friendly competition between everyone will end in a delicious taste-testing for Dad as he decides the winner. Make sure you’re whipping up his favorite dish if you really want to come out on top! If Dad wants to join in the fun, let him. Let him compete for gold in whatever competition you plan, just be sure to let him win. It is his day, after all.

 Home Spa Day

Dad would love a spa experience at home, so planning one with the family is going to be exciting. Get him a bathrobe, some massage oils, a few white towels and a classical playlist. Top the ambiance off with some scented candles and you are good to go. Treat him to a pampering face mask, a foot spa or a massage. 

 Recreate The Meal Dad Misses Most

What is Dad's go-to takeaway treat meal? Maybe the sweet and sour from your local Chinese, the rich chicken tikka masala, or is he really missing some good old kiwi classic of fresh fish and chips? No matter what he's craving, you can round Father's Day off in the most soul-satisfying way by recreating his favourite takeaway meal from home. 

Now you have some new ideas about how to celebrate Father’s Day! Remember to apply the general preventive measures to avoid COVID-19. Stay safe, and Kia Kaha kiwis!