Stuck for what to get this Father's Day?

We’ve got some great ideas for homemade gifts!

Stuck for what to get this Father's Day?

Whether you want to get creative with homemade crafty projects, delight Dad with some delicious treats, or perhaps after ways to enjoy some quality memory-making time with Dad, we've rounded up our top 5 DIY gifts for the big man on his special day.

Handmade Father’s Day Fingerprint Dish

This creative gift is perfect to hold all of dad's trinkets, snacks or coins! No skill needed, and you can make this as personalised as you want! Simply grab some molding clay, massage with wet hands into a trinket dish, carve out a sweet message for dad. Then let it dry and paint in his favorite colors for a keepsake he'll proudly put on display.

The Ultimate Chores, Chipping-In and Coupon Book

This custom coupon book is also known as the ‘gift that keeps on giving’, as Dad has the privilege and power to redeem one coupon per day. To make, simply create and collate a handful of redeemable services like, taking out the trash one night, foot massage, car wash or letting him pick the next weekend's movie.

 DIY Coffee Mug 

Whether Dad is a tea, coffee or hot chocolate man, a DIY mug is something he would love! All you need is a plain porcelain mug, a sharpie, a stencil (if you don’t trust your own drawing skills), and a porcelain paint pen, which you can find at most craft stores. Then simply create the mug of Dad’s dream!

The Godfather of Goodie Baskets

Having trouble with just settling on one gift for Dad? No worries, why not gather all your ideas into one basket! From sweets, snacks, beverages to nick-nacks, bundle an armful of Dad’s favorite goodies and display them in a basket, box or bag.

The Perfect Personalized Spatula

For an easy DIY gift from the kids, let them decorate a spatula for their grill-loving dad with a sweet message. Perfect for Dads who see themselves as crafty cooks or barbeque masters.