Christmas Saver Plan

Start Saving Now for Next Christmas!

Christmas Saver Plan

FreshChoice Christmas Saver Plan helps customers prepare for Christmas well in advance. By choosing a regular payment plan you can start saving towards your Christmas goals sooner without the stress.

It makes Christmas easy!

Pick up a Christmas Saver Plan form at the checkout of your local FreshChoice supermarket. Just choose your regular automatic payment or direct debit towards your Christmas Saver Plan and start saving now!

It's flexible

You choose how much and how often you make payments. Then use your vouchers to spend on what you want, when you want from Dec 1st 2021 – Mar 31st 2022 (Excludes tobacco and gift cards. See terms & conditions).

Get Discount!

Receive a 5% discount on the cost of your savings plan, so for every 95 cents spent you receive $1! You can then redeem your savings in time for Christmas so those delicacies and treats won’t hit your wallet so hard.


Payments can be made regularly over the full year, or start from any time you wish. If required, your payment amount and frequency can be altered at anytime. Bank fees may apply. All payments will be held in an account overseen independently.


After the final payment on 7th November 2021, a form will be sent to you by email or post advising you of the value of your completed plan. Simply take this form to the Customer Service Centre near the checkouts at your local FreshChoice with suitable photo identification (ie. Driver’s Licence, Passport) and you can pick up your Christmas Savings Plan Vouchers.


If you are unable to keep up your payments you can stop immediately and reduce your plan to amount paid or request the amount paid in to be returned.

Customer Service

If at any time you have any questions or comments, our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help. Please enquire at the FreshChoice you have your plan with.

Valid Dates

FreshChoice Christmas Saver Plan vouchers are valid from 1st December 2021 until 31st March 2022 and are only able to be used at the FreshChoice Supermarket where your plan is registered.

Payment Forms