Onecard Rewards

Get Rewarded at FreshChoice Picton

Onecard Rewards

For a limited time, you can earn Onecard points when you shop online or in-store with FreshChoice Picton.

Earn Onecard Points with FreshChoice Picton

For a limited time, you can shop in-store or online at FreshChoice Picton and get rewarded!

  • Simply use your existing Onecard or AA Smartfuel card.
  • For every $1 you spend, you'll earn one point.
  • The limited time offer period is Monday 19 October 2020 to Sunday 31 January 2021.
  • This offer is exclusive to FreshChoice Picton, and does not apply to any other FreshChoice Supermarkets.

FreshChoice Picton & Onecard FAQs

How does Onecard work?
You can use a Onecard to either earn Onecard points (food) or AA Smartfuel discounts (fuel).

How do Onecard points work?
For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn one point, and you’ll have 12 months to earn rewards. So if you spend $68, you’ll now receive 68 points. Points are valid for 12 months. Accumulate 2,000 points to earn a $15 e-voucher. These can only be redeemed at Countdown.

I forgot my Onecard - can I still get the Points?
Yes - simply contact our team by email with a photo of your receipt and your Onecard number. Email it to

I have a $15 e-voucher - can I use it at FreshChoice?
Sorry but during this limited time offer that is not possible.

How do AA Smartfuel discounts work? cents per litre (discount)
Spend a total of $100 over a one week period (Monday to Sunday) on qualifying goods and services and you will earn an AA Smartfuel discount of $0.03 cpl;
Spend a total of $200 over a one week period and you will earn a discount of $0.06 cpl. Remember that the $100 (or $200) does not have to be spent in a single transaction - it is over the period of a week.
A $0.06 cpl discount is the maximum that you can earn in a one week period at Countdown/FreshChoice. You can earn additional fuel discounts at the rest of the AA Smartfuel partner village.

Where can I redeem my fuel discount?
There is a GAS station in Picton where you earn and redeem discount.

Will I get a game play code for the 1For1 game when I shop at FreshChoice?
Unfortunately no - you’ll only receive play codes from Countdown branded stores when you spend $30 or more in a single transaction.

Can I use my Onecard at any FreshChoice store now?
Sorry but no - this is a limited time offer (until 31 January 2021) and only available at FreshChoice Picton.

How soon will I see my Rewards when I shop at FreshChoice?
Your rewards will be credited to you within 24 hours of your in-store shop & within 72 hours of your online shop.

Where can I go to find out more about the Onecard programme?
Just jump on the website at

What happens if I don't register my Onecard?
You won't be able to redeem any of your rewards until the Onecard is registered.

Can I earn Onecard points on a FreshChoice Picton Charge Account?
Yes, just advise the team at the time of ordering of your Onecard membership number.

What products can I earn Onecard rewards on?
You can earn rewards on all products, except tobacco & vaping products.

I'm not a Onecard member, how can I join?
Simply pick up a Onecard from the checkout next time you're in-store.

What if I place an online order before the 31 January, but don't collect the order until the following week?
You will earn Onecard rewards on any online order placed on or before the 31 January 2021.

How do I add my Onecard number to my online shopping profile?
During the online checkout process, simply enter your Onecard number into the Loyalty field.