Changes to Online Shopping - latest updates

As we continue to see extraordinary and unprecedented demand from customers as a result of the evolving Covid-19 situation, we’re taking some precautionary steps to help manage this in our stores and online. We’re very grateful for your ongoing patience and support.

Friday, 22 May

Here are some things you need to know to help with your shopping experience.

We've removed all temporary product limits

We’ve removed the limits on the majority of our products to help ensure customers get what they need without having to shop too often.
The regular limits of 20 items or 20kg per product and 3 items of baby formula are now back in place.

Delivery & Pick Up Slots

We have increased the number of Delivery & Pick Up slots available to everyone in alert Level 2, so please checkout our extra new slots!

We will get you what we can

At the moment we may not be able to source the exact item you have ordered so please tick ‘Allow substitutions’ at the online checkout and we will get you what we can. Our personal shoppers will not be able to phone you to check substitutions, but we’ll do our best to get it right.
If we’re not able to fulfill your order, you won’t be charged for the items we have not supplied. This will be processed by the bank without you needing to contact us.


Refunds may still take longer to process than usual. 

Delivery and Pick up slots are mostly full

With the increased demand on our services, our Delivery and Pick up slots are mostly full. The available time slots are shown for the next thirteen days and we recommend booking early. We are working on adding more slots as quickly as we can.

Once again, thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this time of unprecedented demand. We encourage all our customers to shop as you normally would, and to be thoughtful of others to ensure that all Kiwis have access to the food and products they need.

Changing your order

You can add to your order if you need extra items by placing a new order and selecting the option to add it to your existing order when checking out. Please understand that if your order has already begun to be picked this will not be available, so do it as soon as possible!